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We took our customers to the moon and back. Here's what we did.

Find out how we have helped our customers grow their businesses through cutting-edge digitalization.


Case Väre: Väppi Energy Coach

What if we said you could spend less money and take care of our planet by simply using an app? Well, Väppi offers you just that. And more.

Case Helsingin Sanomat: is one of the most popular websites in Finland, with no tolerance for downtime. The website is maintained by Houston Care DevOps which offers an agile and transparent way forward for system development. It also enables a cost-effective, results-based financing model.

Case: DevOps In Maritime Industry Digitalization

Imagine making maritime vessels smart. Picture it: ships sailing with radically smaller crews and lower risks of human error; computers overseeing weather conditions and surrounding traffic to guarantee everyone’s safety. Wouldn’t that be just beautiful?

Case Caverion: Smartview - property monitoring platform

Caverion is at the forefront of digitalizing the real estate sector. Built with Houston professionals to monitor property energy performance and indoor conditions, Caverion SmartView has given birth to a whole new set of uses and business models.

Case MOW: More Sales With Automation

Too much manual work, too little transparency. We provided MOW, a company offering coworking spaces, a system that automated sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Case Alma Media: Identity and Access Management

Identity is step one when turning free users into subscribers, and the goal is to monetise these interactions.

Case Telia: Creating a succesfsul business partnership

How do you create a long-term relationship between customer and software provider that’s based on trust? And what are the benefits of such a relationship for the customer? Our partnership with Telia goes back nearly a decade, and much has been achieved along the way.

Case Wärtsilä: Building the backbone for digital business

Wärtsilä, a global leader in marine and energy markets, has gone through a digital transformation in which data and IoT hold an important role. We built a digital central nervous system for Wärtsilä’s critical operational data to boost the company’s business and product development.

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